Friday, October 24, 2014

Так что я пошел в Молдову . . . So I Went to Moldova . . .

So I went to Moldova . . .

This week we got to go on exchanges with the gorgeous sister missionaries in the Republic of Moldova!  It started with a super bumpy maxi taxi ride that lasted 4 hours.  I have never laughed so hard in my life, everyone was bouncing out of their seats haha.  It was a sight.  

So we started our exchange in the gorgeous city of Chișinau where it rained cats and dogs haha.  
We had a lesson with one of Sora Uhl's investigators and it went incredibly well.  Gosh, the gospel of Jesus Christ really is amazing!  

That night, we head to Orhei, about 45 minutes away via maxi taxi.  When we arrive at the sister's apartment we discover that they have constructed a fort like structure in their living room for us to sleep in!  Hahaha they had ties all of the curtains up around the light fixture and had pulled all of the mattresses in on the floor for us to sleep on.  

It was amazing!


So the next morning we wake up and decide to hunt down some less active members who are living outside of the main city in the countryside.  We hopped on a taxi and got talking to some cute ladies in front of us.  We arrive in Pellivan and the work gets going!

We played "Villa Wars" which consists of a series of point values for things that happen.  For example, "Door slammed in your face- 5 points" or "Teach someone a lesson- 80 points" and we wanted to all regroup in 30 minutes to discuss our scores haha.  

THIS IS ALL FOR FUN.  We love missionary work but these little games just make it so much more awesome when we have failure or success because well, we get points for it!

Well, long story short, Sora Schwab and I killed it.  Everyone was responsive to us and our message-EVERYONE.  That NEVER happens here. Several people wanted us to come back and teach them again. We even had a lesson with this cute old lady.  After closing with a prayer she gives us the wisest counsel I have ever received, "Marry a Moldovan man, they are great at producing-they have strong semen" HAHAHAHAHAHA.  I did everything ion my power not to start busting up laughing.  We probably won\t be taking her advice.....

So after that lesson we met  up again with the elders and the other soras and compared scores- we WON!   WHOOP!

After, we decided to focus on the less active members so we bounced around this little town and tried to locate their addresses- they didn't have street names.  People weren't sure where these people lived or who they even were.  We finally found this address and when we knocked on the door and asked about if he knew where this woman lived, we knew it was in this block, he said he didn't.  So we knock on the neighbors door who is just across the hall and this guy answers the door so we ask him the same question.  The guy looks at us and says, "YES!  She lives right across from me.  She is my neighbor"  So we are pretty sure that the guy across the hall straight up lied to us.  He might be her husband but we don't know.....

So we were hot and frustrated and we missed the maxi taxi back into Orhei and we didn't know what to do.    Sora Schwab and I were thirsty so we took a leap of faith and decided to walk to the well at the end of the street and get some water.  SUPER SKETCHY but we were so thirsty. 

So we drank the water.  Straight from that metal bucket.

It was delicious.  

So while we are at the well this ward member comes out from her villa.  We had no idea she lived there.  We get to talking to her and she completely breaks out into tears and tells us that her husband had walked out on her the day before and that she had been praying for someone to help her.  

We sat and talked with her, hoping to give her some peace.  At the moment I realized that we were working in a miracle, that we were instruments in God's hands at that moment.  Had we not missed the maxi, had we found the less active member, had we not gone to the well, we would have not been able to help this ward member in her time of need.  

God DOES hear our prayers and I know that he answers them through other people.  

This I know.  

On the way back into town we decided to walk through a field of sunflowers and it just reminded me once again that God does exist, that he lives, and we can see that when we look at the beautiful world around us.  

Our Heavenly Father loves us all so much and he will ALWAYS help us when we need him.

Loving the people, Loving the work and Loving the Lord,
:) Sora Lee 

Photo 1:  Sora Uhl and Me
Photo 2:  Our fort in Orhei....
Photo 3:  Me and the well......

And in the link...The floods in Moldova and Sora Schwab and I drinking from a well......

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