Saturday, October 25, 2014

Humble and Happy

I didn't have a lot of time this week but I wanted to share with you all an experience I had this week that really left a strong impression on me.
We met for the final time with Kinga, or Kingsy, a recent convert to the church before she moves back home to her city about 3 hours away from Bucharest.  
She invited us to come teach her in her student apartment. 
We walk in to the cold and dreary student dormitory.  My heart was about as dreary as the dirty floor. It had been a hard week and I was hoping that Kingsy could brighten my spirits.  She meets us outside and immediately starts smiling and laughing with us.  We walk down this long, empty hallway, and everything is cement blocks.  No plants, no carpets, no nothing.  No people. No laughter. Just doors on doors.  And cement.
We go inside her dorm room and it is about as big as my bedroom in America.  4 white walls with chips in the paint and graffiti from past roommates.  4 old, semi broken wooden beds that had been pushed together.  A single blanket laid on top.  One bag of ramen.  One cup.  One bottle of Coke.  One small suitcase.  One little stool.  Then, on the middle of her little table, she had her scriptures.

I had never felt more at home in my whole life. 
We sat on her bed and shared with her a mini message about how we can build up the church wherever we are and that we should attend church as often as we can. 
We sat there on her bed, wrapped up in her little blanket, as she took her one cup, and poured us from her bottle of Coke, something to drink.  It was the most humble circumstance I have ever been in in my whole life. 
She lived so simply.  With barely anything.  And yet she was so incredibly happy. 
"I love this gospel.  I love God and I know he loves me.  No matter what happens in my life, as long as I am a member in this church, I will have happiness" -Kingsy
I couldn't have said it any better.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is happiness.  Ever-lasting and eternal happiness. 
I love this gospel.  I love these people.  And I love my Savior.
:) Sora Lee

Photo 1: Kingsy
Photo 2: How many girls can you fit in a Romanian elevator? 4, and 4 pizzas too! (We got to host the outgoing Timisoara sisters!!!!!)
Photo 3: Saying goodbye to our "old district" with a little cheesecake! (Mmmmm cheesecake)

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