Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Daily Struggle and The Daily Reminder

This week I want to let you all into the life of a missionary in the Romania/Moldova mission, and probably just about every other mission in the world. 
One of the most absolutely difficult things for me out here is the way people look at me.  Our name tags seem to attract the most negative attention, especially here, where people seem to only have two attitudes:grumpy and grumpier.  It definitely wears on me. 
I think it has gotten harder for me to endure because I have gotten to that point where I can really understand what people are saying...and it's mean...really mean.  I just don't understand why people would be so cruel to two 20 year old young women.  But, there is always opposition against the work of the Lord. 
The thought came to me the other day, "It would be so easier to talk to people without this tag on".  But then the thought of taking it off made me feel horrible.  I am a representative of Jesus Christ.  I have been selected by inspiration and revelation from a prophet of God to come here and teach these people about the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored again to the earth. 
There will always be opposition in all things.  But opposition brings growth.

Then every time someone mocks me, my beliefs or this church, I just tell myself, "The Savior had it way worse.  He went through all of this too.  He knows what I am going through". 
Every comment definitely brings a few tears but it is also another chance for my testimony to become stronger.  To strengthen.  To grow. 
No matter what people say or do, my testimony is my testimony.  I know what I believe is true and no matter what people say, I know what I believe is true. 

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Savior's established church, which was restored again to the earth after years of darkness and apostasy through a prophet of God.  I know the Book of Mormon IS another testament of Jesus Christ and I invite everyone everywhere to read it and pray to know that it is true.  I am grateful for the scriptures, my days are leaps and bounds better when I read from them.  I know families are ordained of God, and that we must love, support and strengthen one another.  I know that Jesus Christ lives.  I know he is our Savior, Redeemer and brother and because of his Atonement, I can become perfected, even though I make mistakes. I know, God, Heavenly Father loves us and he knows us by name.  He hears are prayers and he will help us in his own way and own time. 

This gospel can bring the purest happiness into your life.  I wish I could give you all a little "free sample cup" of the gospel.  I invite you all to try it but the choice is yours to take it and try it for yourself.  I promise you that you will love it. 
Loving the work, loving these people and loving the Lord,
:) Sora Lee

Photo 1: One of my favorite quotes General Conference.
General Conference is a biannual conference held in Salt Lake City and we have the chance to listen to our prophet and apostles speak.  It is so amazing. Below is a link if you want to watch some of conference:
Photo 2:  Just taking a scripture study break
Photo 3:  My new boyfriend
Photo 4:  Sewing a quilt for service with Daniel!

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