Saturday, October 25, 2014

What Is My Life?

1.)  I came in contact with the most amazing individual ever.  He absolutely LOVES eating- he is such a foodie.  HE was kind of weird though because he would never leave me alone and he always made unwanted contact with me.  You could say he kind of "latched on to me". Even though I didn't want to "pick him up", I ended up forming a bond with him.  We kept in contact in him for a week and then I had to force him to leave me alone.
He was an intestinal worm. 

SO YEP!  It happened!  I had an intestinal worm and it has been reeking havoc on my first two weeks here.  I had to take some de-worming pills and badda-bing-badda-boom- the problem was resolved!
But it's gone now, so no worries there.....
2.)  While visiting one of our investigators in the park this woman came up and talked to us.  She was like, "You're Mormons"  and we were like, "Yeup!".  She sat there with  us for 15 minutes telling our investigator how amazing we are and how more young people should be like us.  She just sits their and praises the Mormon youth because we are actually devoted to our religion.  She was being so nice to us and that never happens in Romania.  She also tells us how her son is meeting with our missionaries in California.....super cool!
3.)  We had a lesson with Luana, one of our investigators who we are preparing for baptism.  She is really struggling with some personal issues in her life and we really are trying to help her in every way possible.  Hopefully, she will be baptized in September. 
4.)  We go visit for Vaduva, a less active member and her house is about 100 degrees inside. She has fans and AC but she won't use it because she doesn't want to get ill from "current".  So we are dripping sweat.  And then, as all Romanians do, she insists on feeding us lunch.  And of course, we cannot decline because it is terribly, incredibly RUDE.  The worst part was, Sora Merkley and I had just eaten lunch.  So we sit in her kitchen.  Which is about 20 degrees hotter because the oven is on and we are roasting.  She takes out the biggest plates I have ever seen in my life, they look like serving trays, and starts piling on the food.  So she feeds us piping hot rice pilaf and two huge slabs of pork.  The pieces of pork were probably the size of a ping pong paddles.  And I just look at Sora Merkley and we both give each other the:
"OH CRAP!" look. 

SO we start eating.  And when we stop, Sora Vaduva would yell at us to keep eating.  Hahah.  The food was good but it was just so much food.  So I eat it all and I am like buldging and I wan to throw up.  I could barely walk, I felt like I was waddling. 
So I feel like a fat fat fat cake and to make it worse, Sora Vaduva tells me, "Sora Lee, you would look way better if you lost 20 kilos".  And I just wanted to cry haha.  So I'm on the Sora Vaduva diet, a diet plan that she gave for me to follow.  Every week I will follow up with her haha. 
I hate my life. 
It doesn't make my cause any better that all of the Romanian girls are twig skinny and petite. 

It was just a bad day haha. 
5.)  We baked loves of carrot cake for the ward members on Saturday.  It took forever.  I absolutely love Sundays because we have the most incredible branch ever. 
I never thought some of my best friends would be Romanians.   There are 3 little girls in the ward and I am obsessed with them.  They think I am a Disney Channel Star hahaha.  Umm I'll go with it?

We all have had times now and then but they DO pass.  They will ALWAYS pass.
Loving the people (even if they think I'm obese) , Loving the work, and Loving the Lord,
:) Sora Kendall Lee

Photo 1: A Good Quote
Photo 2: Watermelons!  Romanian watermelon is SO DELICIOUS
Photo 3: My favorite ladies!  Bianca, Andreea and Maria!  And Sora Merkley too!

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