Monday, March 9, 2015

ST(R)OKED to be a Missionary!


Just thought I would let you all know before I tell you about my week.  

(Sorry this email is so long I had to tell the whole story)

Well, this week during English class, in the middle of my lesson, my left arm completely went numb.  I couldn't feel it.  I excused myself and walked to the back of the class room, throwing it all around to try to regain blood flow.  Nothing happened. Then, I lost vision in my right eye.  Weird.  About a minute later, one of our elders came downstairs and he starts talking to me and I tell him what is going on-well at least I tried, all my words slurred and made no sense.  Then, I completely lost my balance and was unable to stand without falling.  All I could think was, "Holy crud I'm having a stroke".  

So after a quick Google search, the elders decide to take me to the emergency room here in Galati.  It's either 2 things- a mini stroke, which often occur in young adults with family history of heart problems or the beginning symptoms of MS.  JOY.  So We get into this taxi and the elders tell the driver to step on it.  The man halls booty to the hospital, and he kept looking at me in the back seat.  So to spice things up, my body goes into shock and that freaked me out and it freaked out the driver too so he sped up.  

We get to the hospital and nothing is clearly marked so we run around this labyrinth for a few minutes asking people where to go.  We get to the ER which is TOTALLY um....different (sketchy).. here in Romania.  People are like dying and wailing and you have to wait in a line to be treated, no matter how serious it is.  I walk in and I'm like 20th in line.   Then, this man nurse runs around the corner, grabs me by the arm and says, "Come with me, I can help you NOW".  So, he pulls me into this side room with other nurses and patients and he sits me on a bed and takes my blood pressure.  Elder Degraw followed me in because he is fluent in the language and was helping me put sentences together to tell the guy what was happening.  

Man nurse tells us, "I saw you missionaries on the train last week and you have this positive energy, this light about you, and I never forgot you.  You walked in and I saw you and I knew I had to help you".  I was crying- partially because I was stroking out in Romania and partially because his message was so sweet.  

So then, I go back in the lobby and wait for the main Dr. Lady to come get me. I sit next to this old lady and I start talking to her as much as I can.  She looked so much sadder than me and I just wanted to help her.  So we chatted and I learned that she had been there since NOON.  It was now 9PM.  YUP.  Her granddaughter came over and talked with us too.  

My name gets called and everyone in the waiting room freaks out because it's not your typical Romanian name but "Kendall Lee" and I get up and I hear someone whisper, "She's foreign but definitely not Chinese like we thought!"  Hahahaha.  
So I go in this room and tell the lady about what is going on and she gives me this vile, tells me to drink it and then wait back out in the lobby.  So I drank it haaha and sat back in the hall. 10 minutes later she calls me back again and she is like, "You have a calcium deficiency in your blood, you can go home".  No blood tests.  Nothing.  So she pushes us out of the hospital and I'm just confused and so is the group.  

Next day, same thing happens and the elders gave me a blessing.  They tell Sora Ivory and she wants me to come down to Bucharest immediately so I can get medical treatment there.  So we call a private driver to drive us down to Bucharest.  We get in at 1:30am and we get to the hospital at 2am.  I go up to the desk and tell them I have stroke like symptoms and that I need a dr.  Everyone LAUGHED at me.  Then, this one mean man looks at me and says, "Oh you're Mormon" and they all laughed.  And I am crying and I said, "Yes I am a Mormon, does that mean you won't help me?"  Sora Ivory starts talking to them in English and they laugh some more.  I was just done.  Mentally and physically done, in a hospital at 2am and not getting help, so I just laid my head down on the desk and cried.  

The man comes around the desk and he is like , "Stop crying.  I'm going to cry.  Do you want that?"  And I was like, "YES!"  ahhaha and he took me to see the dr.  So I meet this nice nurse with red red hair and she does these tests on me and has me lay in a bed and she hooks me up to one of those beeping heart machines.  The man across from me is drunk, the girl next to me is hooked up to weird wires and is half nakey on the bed.  So I lay there for a few hours and then the neurologist comes and orders me a MRI.  

LONG STORY SHORT:  I get an MRI this week and I have met with a neurologist since then.  I spent a few days in Buc to get it all worked out.  I got a blood tests ad I get the results this week.  

We met a lot of really cool people even though I was dying.  We contacted all of the nice nurses who helped me, we gave comfort to everyone in the hospitals, even sharing verses of scripture with some anxious patients.  

Something good ALWAYS comes out of hard times and I know that day, God used me as an instrument in his hands to help his other children. 

ALSO:  The week is we got several Martisor, little charms and bracelets from our friends and members to celebrate the First day of March, beginning spring!   It was really fun!   

Loving the work, Loving the people and Loving the Lord

Photos 1 and 2: Pics of Galati!
Photo 3: Some Martisor
Photo 4: New tights!  And it's getting warm enough to not wear boots!
Photo 6: Stairs on stairs on stairs
Photo 7: Blocs with laundry out to dry
Photo 8: Cool Galati building

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