Monday, March 9, 2015

Missions Are the Weirdest Months of Your Life

Hey!  I am still alive!  No more strokes for me! 

To update you all:  

Sora Trebas (my daughter, best friend and dearest companion) made the glorious mistake of telling me before the MRI that all the noise sounded like a mixture of Daft Punk and construction sounds. So I guess my body subconsciously was dancing to the Daft Punk . . .  and the nice Romanian doctors came in and sedated me haha.  They shoved this tube up my arm and totally numbed me and I couldn't move.  Hahaha claustrophobic.  But I survived and Santa Claus didn't eat me (hahaha catch my joke #corny).    

I get the results in 3 weeks.  No clots or tumors so I'll take that.  Something was out of sorts but the doctor didn't seem worried so I'm not either!

Sora Wright and I were so exhausted on the way back from Bucharest, from all of my appointments and our leadership meetings and transfers, that we slept in some pretty odd positions.  Hahahaha we were completely oblivious to this, until we were woken up by a whole cart of laughing Romanians hahaha.   Let's just say, there was drool on my back from my colega who had used my back as a pillow as I found peace on the arm rest as I sat sideways in the seat hahah.  It was wild hahah.  But hey, we slept the whole way home for 5 hours!  

Here, paint "huffing" is a big thing.  Huffing is where you put some paint in a bag and inhale it until you get delirious.  So this young man was huffing paint like wild in the amphitheater behind the church and we were all so sad by it.  So Elder Degraw yells out the window in his best Romanian Guardian Angel Voice "Why are you throwing away your life man? You are better than this!"  Hahah it freaked him out GOOD!!!!!!  But just for like, 5 seconds and he did it again.  Darn.  


We went to go visit our investigator and she asked me to hand her her glasses, when i went to grab them, I noticed something odd.  She had 2 pairs of glasses put together, and on each pair of glasses, one of the lenses was missing.  One was missing the left lens, the other, the right lens.  So she combined them together, holding both pairs up to her eyes, because she didn't have enough money to buy a new pair of glasses.  

We also went to visit another investigator and her family is struggling financially.  She gave us a plate with 3 tiny oranges on it, all cut up and a bowl or corn flakes.  It was so sad and I knew it was all she had for food.   I did not want to take her food but she left us with no choice.  We sat there, eating this humble meal, and I just knew inside that she wasn't going to eat tonight, because she fed me.  

I am so grateful for all of my many blessings and that I have a chance to be a missionary.

Romania is changing my life.

Loving the work, Loving the people and Loving the Lord.
-Sora Lee

Photo 1: Me and Treebs bonding over pizza (we got to stay with them after my dr appointment)
Photo 2: My planning face
Photo 3: Flowers from a ward member and a nice bloc in the reflection
Photos 4 and 5 and 6: The galati apartment is BOMB.  Just some of the awesomeness

Video:  Dog Reunited with his' Return Missionary after 2 years WATCH IT

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