Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Angel Wings

Wow this week was mentally hard but spiritually so fulfilling.  

Like normal weeks could have filled a regular sized cup form Taco bell.  But this week could have filled a Super Big Gulp from your local gas station.  

Ah.  Yes.

We threw a Valentine's Day party for our English students, investigators and members this week.  It was SUCH a success.  Everyone there was having a great time.  We had games all set up (my favorite was pin the lips on the couple but "Heart crusher" was the Romanian favorite), snacksuri ( romanian word for tons of snacks) and quality music (80s love songs).  It was just a great day and we had people asking us about our church.  So that was awesome!  And shout out to Sister Melanie Christensen- you called it from a young age that I would be an event planner!

While on exchange this week with Sora Koth from Iasi this week, we stumbled upon a MEXICAN RESTAURANT.  So naturally, we walked inside of it, totally amazed.  I was looking through the menu when my eyes landed on........CRUNCHWRAP SUPREME.  For all of my kin out there who know my heart....I started crying tears of joy.  I have missed Taco Bell just as much (if not more) than my family (joking-kind of) while I have been on my mission.  So I eat that crunchwrap supreme and it just rocks my whole world.  Everyone except one member bummed us on our exchange but that crunchwrap supreme...made it all worth it.  

While we met with some of our members this week we thought it would be a good idea to have "Family Home Evening" with them, to help build them up and strengthen them.  So we pray, sing a song, have a little spiritual lesson and end with a game and snacks!  So we invited all of the family members to join u, including Sora Marianna Prada's son, who is not a member.  Well I ask Marianna to invite her son, and she is like, "He probably won't come"  but I asked her to try anyways.  So Cristi comes in, the son, and HE IS THE BOY I MET IN THE SUMMER!  I was like, "You probs don't remember me but I met you in the summer" and he just looked at me and he was like "I remember you too".  And we just bonded.  Ah  he is the coolest 11 year old ever.  

So we shared the message with them and then we taught them how to play the card game spoons.  ROMANIANS LOVE SPOONS.  Ah.  So great.  So as I am getting ready to leave, Marianna Prada pulls me aside and she is like, "I talked to some members in Bucharest and they said that you are  great missionary and that you flew in with your angel wings and brought so much happiness into their lives".  I was tearing up, and she just kept going on.  

Not to sound conceited or vain, but I really needed that this week.  It was just a really rough week and I felt so unimportant and worthless.  But knowing that I made a difference somewhere, in someone's life, really gave me a boost.  In this mission, we really don't see the fruit of our efforts until much much later.  So I was glad to be able to learn that I made a little difference.  

Loving the work, Loving the people and Loving the Lord,
:) Sora Kendall Lee

PS I am also extending my mission......coming home in August! WHOOP!
PSS Sora Trebas I get to see you dis week at ZONE CONFERENCE.  Love ya boobear

Photo 1: Crunchwrap SUPREME AHAHAHAHHA
Photo 2:  Look whut I found a Honda Accord-those don't exist here
Photo 3: My mission problem/blessing/struggle
Photo 4: musical chairs
Photo 5-6: pin the lips on the lovers
Photo 7: Us and our investigators (creepy guy got cropped out) hahaha

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