Monday, March 30, 2015

Sharing My Story

So I was sick for 2 days this week (it was just like a cold or something lame-no cool strokes or anything) and I slept like all day haha.  It was totally rad.  

I also tried not using slang this week.....and well....I bet you all can figure out how that worked out....It didn't...but this week i will try again.  Crud!

Sora Wright and I also got to present at our Zone Training Conference which was so awesome.  president asked us to present our new way of contacting, something called "My Story".  What is it is, is just being a real person with people!  Not trying to push the gospel from the get-go, just to "sell ourselves" in a sense, and then as people recognize that we are normal people, they will welcome our awesome message next!  It's so brilliant.  Like, duh, 'been doing this since I was a new missionary!  People, especially here, aren't going to be jazzed about two kids knocking on their door saying, "hi, we are missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we want to share a message with you".  That simply doesn't attract anyone anymore!  I'm so glad president is on board with this and I'm glad he asked us to push this!   SOOO STOKED!  

They also asked us to really think of "our story".  That moment in your life when you just knew all of this was true.  That moment when you decided to serve a mission.  That moment that actually kept you ON your mission, the reason why you didn't throw in the towel and bounce back home.  

I thought it correlated well with the classic "story plot line" that we all learned about in 7th grade English.  

It goes a little something like this:

Now think of that one moment, that significant event in your life.  Ten bucks it follows this pattern.  I know my story does.  

President asked me to share my story with the whole zone.  And wow, it was crazy, I just had to open myself up and share it with everyone.  Best part was, I got to see the look on the missionaries' faces as I told them why I'm here.  I knew that some had gone through the same struggles as me.  And I knew they had overcome those same issues and made it on a mission.  

I just know that this "my story thing" will go over so well here in Romania.  People want REAL people to share with them a REAL really good message.  And if I can tell them about my personal experience of prayer or repentance or enduring to the end, they cannot reject my own experience.  And that leads to a more open window to introduce the gospel.  

LOVING the work, LOVING the people and LOVING the Lord,
:) Sora Lee

Photo 1:  I get to see "Laguna" outside my window every morning #blessed
Photo 2:  A little handout that I made for the EAST Zone!
Photo 3: Ha! Accidental twinning at church with Elder Morby!  Fun fact- I spent Easter with him last year in Timisoara!!!

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