Monday, May 26, 2014

SLEEP Romanian


I have made it to "that level".  

I am very (extremely) excited.  

So this week:

We all took the "dying" (he goes home at the end of this transfer) Elder Stinson shopping for some European threads.  He absolutely hated the tight European pants but he will get over them.  The elders also gave me an early birthday present, 4 pounds of mushrooms!  I ate them with everything!  
>>>Side note: 70% of what I eat in Romania is vegetables and fruit, it is just so cheap here!

Zone Training in Arad.  It was nice to meet up with all of the other Missionaries in my zone.  We found the sketchiest bathrooms in the world, literally a hole in the ground.  Nasty.  Normal.  I also bought some Disney movies that are dubbed over in Romanian.  The movies were about $3 USA dollars each.  SCORE.  

It was blistering hot and Sora Peterson and I were out contacting all day long.  We walked 16 miles that day.  By the end of the night our legs were like lead. 

Anyways, on our way back we see an ice cream cone stand and we flock to it like the holy grail.  So we wait in this huge line and when it finally gets to our turn, we pay the lady for two cones and the carmel ice cream portion wasn't working.  The ice cream was so soft that when the woman handed the cone to my companion it slid right off the cone.  


So the lady goes back to make another one and the ice cream machine breaks down.  So we waited for another 15 minutes so that the lady could change the flavor four us.  By that time, everyone had already left and we were the only ones in line hahaha.  Us chubby Americans are willing to wait for ice cream! #soworthit

We taught seven of our investigators and it was so amazing.  We taught them all about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ.  

The first lesson was Delia and her her father Cristi, we did an English 30/30.  Next was Victoria, another English 30/30.  Finally we taught the 3 girls, EdinaElida and Damaris, and Andreeaanother one of our investigators, all together.  They were all so interested.   They are all so ready to learn more about the gospel.  

So I had a doctors appointment in the boondocks of Timi and we had to walk there because we didn't want to spend money on a taxi because we are trying to be money wise since it is the end of the month and we are low on funds.  

So we walk for about 2 hours to this place and we get there and say, (THIS WAS ALL IN ROMANIAN BUT FOR CONVENIENCE IT IS IN ENGLISH) "We have an appointment" and the lady says. "No you don't".  So we show her this confirmation text and she just laughs and she said, "Oh, you made an appointment with our sister office in Bucharest, not the office here in Timi"  Hahaha we started laughing too!  

It was one of those, "We are such idiots, we just walked a gagillion miles to this office and it isn't even the right office" laughs haha.  Well, we walked all the way back home. Got in some great English contacting haha. #bunsofsteel

We decided to go through the area book and call some of our past investigators.  We have 6 new lessons lined up this week.  I am so excited to meet some of these new (old) investigators.  

We also were going through our phone, trying to clean out the random contacts we had in it.  For example, we had 6 "Iona's": Iona, Iona Cool, Iona Tall, Iona Car, Iona Train, Iona Blonde, Iona Coke.  

Um.  Okay?

And then we find this contact "Random Lady".  So we call it.  Coolest woman in the world, or at least she seems like it.  We have an appointment with her tomorrow.  

I love Romania!  And on Saturday I will be 20!  
EXCITING NEWS!  This upcoming week is our "săptămână sănătoasă" or "healthy week.  We will not be eating ANYTHING PROCESSED!  It will be a challenge but we are so excited!

Romania is seriously the best.  I have never been more happy.  This church, the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, is the reason why I am so happy.  I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and takes care of all of his children.  

:) Sora Kendall Lee


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