Saturday, May 10, 2014

Face in the Sunshine


It was hard.

I was sick.

I was stressed.

I was creeped out (Romanian men and their cat calls...)

I also have no more email time today so it will be pretty short.

That is all I shall say.

1.) I taught a HUGE audience on Tuesday night for Family Home Evening (FHE).  A full 15 people!  I taught about Charity, Good Works and Service.  I felt the spirit so strongly and it was such an incredible experience.  The Romanian just came flooding out.  I spoke with so little errors that it amazed the other missionaries and the other people who were present.  THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL.

2.)  Sora Smith cut Elder Morby's hair with a lady razor.  Several bald spots were left.  Elder Morby entrusted me with the job of "making it all look nice".  I filled in the bald spots with a eye brow pencil and was given the special task of cutting his shark tail (stick up mass of hair on the top of his forehead)

3.) I had to give an impromptu talk in church on Sunday because one of the members who was asked to speak became very ill the night before.  I had to speak on Jesus Christ for a full 12 minutes.  In English, it would have been a piece of cake but in Romanian, I was stressing out.  With all the 5 minutes of notice that I had, I made a quick outline and prayed for help.

I don't even remember what I said but I could tell from the look on everyone's faces after I said "amin" that I must have said something right.  

One 12 minute talk.

All impromptu.

Only one error.

(I called everyone girls)

Ha. Ha!

I know that my Savior loves me and that he is helping me out here in Romania.  I know that he loves all of us, all of his brothers and sisters.  I know that God hears our prayers.  I know that he answers are prayers on his own time time table but he will ALWAYS answer them.  I know that we can do hard things.  

"With your face in the sunshine you will never see shadows"

Eu stiu ca aceasta biserca, şi aceasta evanghelia este adevărata.  Eu sunt foarte recunoscătoara pentru Isus Hristos, salvatorul nostru.  Eu sunt foarte fericita aici în Romania.  

Te iubesc,
-Sora Lee

For more photos click on this link:

Reading to CLAUDIU!  I love him!

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