Saturday, May 10, 2014

This Week: Perfectly Perfect in Every Way

WOW.  That really is all I can say is wow I love being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

So this week . . . 


My companion and I both had fevers (101.5 and 101.3) so we were forced to stay inside and get better.  Our mission president gave us permission to watch Disney Movies that day.  We watched "A Goofy Movie" (my favorite) and "Megamind".  It was a very fun opportunity.  

We were feeling up to teach English Class that night and since we love our students so much, and didn't want to give them to the elders to teach, we went to English!  It was definitely worth it because we had 2 new students!  They are two young girls in high school and they are so much fun!

We are no longer sick so no worries there!

WEDNESDAY:  Hairdos?  More like Hairdon'ts....

Sora Smith and I went to go visit a ward member and shared a spiritual thought with her.  I absolutely love Sora Stan, and she loves us and upon our arrival, she fed us the most delicious pudding cake thing.  

Oh my gosh.


So we are sharing our spiritual thought about how we need to be like the early saints, the early pioneers and endure when times are hard.  And mid lesson, she gets up and leaves the room and comes back in with 2 hairclips.  She takes Sora Smith's hair and twists it up into a bun haha.  And I let out a laugh haha and then she turns to me and grabs my hair and does the same thing haha.  

What was so funny is that we both had huge chunks of hair not pulled back in the clip and they were just dangling there awkwardly across our foreheads haha.  

Sora Stan said we looked beautiful and said, "keep these, they are gifts".

I wore my hair like that all the way home.  

THURSDAY:  Friends of All Ages

We had the chance to go read to Claudiu, the little grandson of Sora Miţin.  We have been meeting with him and have been reading from the Bible, Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants- doing the exact same thing that we did with his grandmother.  

It is a great experience, this little boy has such a strong testimony that his grandmother is happy in Heaven.  He loves her so much and he is so amazing.  

While contacting we also walked alongside of a young man who was speaking the most amazing English ever.  It caught us off guard.  I asked him where he was from and he said, "Egypt"


And we are in Romania.

So we kept talking and he goes on to tell us how he is here for 4 months for work, then goes home for 2 weeks and then back again for 4 months.  Crazy right.  Then, he asked us about why we were here and who we were and I told him:

"We are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we will be living here in Romania for 18 months.  We are here to serve, teach and help the people".

That just about blew his mind.  

He was in his late 20s and he couldn't believe that two young girls couls be away from home for so long, without their family, their friends, their education.  He was amazed and wished us the most success.  

The elders are teaching one of the professional soccer players for the Timi team.  Yup.  They are teaching a professional soccer player.

Wilson Kneeshaw, look him up.  


I held a baby bunny named Penelope!  


1.)  New missionaries....
   We got a NEW senior couple here in Timi!  They are the Alstons and they are from Tuscon, Arizona.  They are awesome.  We picked them up from the gara (train station) bright and early that morning.  

2.) New window....
   During English class we heard a loud "BANG!"  and were scared out of our minds when we realized that our window had been shattered.  Something had hit our window!  I thought someone was out to get the Mormons!

So I look at the window and there is all of this chunky, pasty looking stuff all over the glass shards.  A potato?  Did someone throw a potato?  Seriously.

Then I see a feather.

And then I look down.

A pigeon.

A stupid pigeon had flown smack dab into our window haha!   

It was a pretty gross site.  

3.)  New bug bite.  Gross.  That baby is huge.  

4.)  New friends....
   So while walking through Centru I saw two glorious individuals.  

Minnie and Mickey Mouse - So I had to take a photo with them! 

They were actually creepy men inside of the costumes and they asked me (while looking at my name tag) if Jesus Christ had sent me to them.  Hahaha and I said "Yes!  All the way from California!"  Hahaha.  

What can I say?  Romanian men, they love me!  Haha
#creepers #iwillpeppersprayyou

I will send out an Easter email next!  There is just too much to say!  Ciao!

-Sora Kendall Lee

 Apr 22

It was kind of fun seeing familiar faces in Romania!

And hey, we matched!
Sick Day and Disney Movies!


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