Monday, June 23, 2014

Just Call Me Sister Training Leader!

Exciting news!  

Transfer boards are out and . . . . . . . 

I have been assigned to be a Sister Training leader in the beautiful city of Iași!


I am SO EXCITED!  STL's (Sister Training Leaders) are responsible for traveling to the different cities in their assigned zone (I'm in the Iași zone) and going on exchanges (which is where we switch companions for a day) with the sisters, and ask them how everything is going and offer our help if needed.

In the Iași zone I get the opportunity to go into the country of MOLDOVA for my exchanges!  I get to travel to Bacău, Galați, Orhei and Chișinău!  Better brush up on my Russian!

This week was very very busy.  We have tons of investigators that we are working with and we have several that are progressing and it has been such an incredible experience! Two of our very best investigators, Tatiana and Ecaterina moved out of the country so we transferred their records on to their new countries.  It was so sad to see them go but we are so grateful for the opportunity that we had to teach them!  Sora Peterson and I have also been working with a lot of less active members and we have really placed an emphasis on building up the ward.  It has been such an incredible transfer of WORK!

Sora Peterson and I have been really praying to find someone new to teach, someone who was really interested in our message.  On Tuesday while teaching English, this woman walks into the church so we start talking to her.  Her husband's sister is LDS and served a mission in TEMPLE SQUARE.  Yup.  So we ask her is she is LDS. The woman, Lilliana, says, "I'm not LDS YET".  UMMMMMMMMMM SCORE.  She wants to meet with us!  And her family wants to met with us too!!!!!

We all bade farewell to Elder Stinson who is "dying" tomorrow.  "Dying" means a missionary is going home after their mission.  He also turned 23 this last week and he didn't want to have a birthday party, so we threw him a "funeral service" instead!  The Alston's took us out for dinner one night and we got to say goodbye to Stinson.  We also made sure to take some very appropriately district photos of his "funeral". Hahaha.  I have attached one below.  

I also had to say bye to some of my best friends in the mission.  I had to say goodbye to the lovely three girls, Edina, Damaris and Elida who have left such a strong impression on my heart that I will never be able to forget them.  I also said goodbye to Andreea, who is a young woman with the most loving and happy personality.  These girls will always be my Romanian sisters and the love that I have for them is more incredible than I ever could have imagined.  

Yesterday was my last day of church in Timișoara and it was bittersweet.  I love the little branch here in Timi and the ward members made me feel so loved when I came into the country.  I had the opportunity to bear my testimony because I was leaving and it was so hard to do.  I have never felt the presence of the Holy Ghost that strongly on my mission before.  Being there in that little Villa surrounded by 11 Romanians, 11 incredibly faithful and loving Latter-day Saints, testified to me that this gospel is true.  It is Jesus Christ's church and I have been set apart by God to serve these people in Romania.  

I might not be perfect with the language but there is a lot you can say without saying a word.  
I know God loves ALL of us.  We are all his children.  We can have happiness in this life when we choose to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.  

The next chapter of my mission is beginning and I am so excited to see where it will take me.  

Loving my mission, loving these people and loving the Lord,
:) Sora Lee

Farewell from Nedaya!  We teach her kiddie English and are teaching her mom!

Stinson's funeral

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