Monday, June 16, 2014

Gettin' Bummed

​Loredana and Me!

​My colorful knee bandages!

​Cute mini van! Haha love it!

                  I don't have a lot of time to email this week so here we go!

This week all but 3 of our lessons bummed us and didn't show up.  It was a bummer but hey, it happens!  

We had three really incredible lessons this week though and these investigators re progressing!  Whoohoo!  

This was my last week of physical therapy for my knee ( I injured it in the MTC and then re-injured it in the field).  It was bittersweet.  I loved my physical therapist Loredana and I had been meeting with her every morning for a few weeks now.  For a going away gift I gave her a little present with a jar of Nutella (her favorite), a necklace, and a Cartea Lui Mormon.    Inside, I had written my testimony in Romanian.  I had been talking to her about the church and what we believe for the past few weeks and I invited her to era the Book of Mormon!  Fingers crossed!

On our way to said appointment, Sora Peterson and I hopped on a tramvi (a mini train type of thing) to go to my appointment.  On that day, the tramvi took a weird route but I had figured that it had just been put on a new course for the day.  Well before we know it, we are the last ones on the tramviand we are pulling into this sketchy little warehouse.  YUP.  Scary.  Well we try and get out and the doors are locked.  So we start yelling out of the little baby window.  It's about 100 degrees in that hot tramvi car and no one can hear us.  Finally, this man finally hears us and opens the door.  

Then, we had to walk out of the warehouse shamefully. Everyone was looking at us like "Wow, stupid Americans".  So then we hopped in a taxi and the taxi driver was being SUPER CREEPY.  Yup, that's Romania for you.  

We had Zone Conference in Arad!  It was President and Sora Hills last one, I am so sad to see them go!  It was a very inspirational conference and it was exactly what I needed!  

I'm really learning why it is so good to be obedient.  I am so grateful for a companion that really inspires me to be the best I can be.  She is such a great role model for me and I love her so much!  Sora Peterson is from Washington, she is 23 years old and will be going home in 6 weeks!  Ahhh! Crazy!  I hope I can be with her next transfer and "kill her"!  


Everyone thinks that I will be training a new missionary.  Scary scary scary!  

Lots of love!  
Te pup, pa pa!
-Sora Lee

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