Sunday, July 13, 2014

This Is Gonna Be A Good One...

So this transfer is going to be amazing.  I am loving the city I am serving in Iași (that's a capitol "i").   Iași is pronounced "ya-shhh" so all of you can say it correctly!  

My companion is amazing and super hilarious, we get along so well!  Her name is Sora Bynum and she is 20 years old, from Georgia, is crazy good at accents and 2 transfers ahead of me.  We served in the same zone while I was in Timi.  We get along so well, it'll be a great transfer serving as STL with her!

Currently, we have 2 other sisters living with us because they have not found an apartment for them yet.  They are sleeping in our living room, which is also our study room/kitchen.  It's pretty cramped.  I'll send photos once our apartment doesn't look like a tornado just swept through it.  It's very small compared to Timi (just about the size of my downstairs in Timi) so it's different haha but I LOVE IT!  

Sora Bynum and I planned out our whole transfer.  We will be home on Sundays and about half of the Saturdays...and that's about it.  Our whole transfer is travel and exchanges!  Pretty exciting!  We are working with an investigator who is preparing to be baptized in a month!  We have to give her to the other sisters because we just won't be home.  

We have a great district, there are 4 elders and 4 sisters so they call it a "dating district".  Ha. Far from it!  We all get along super well!  We had a birthday party for one of our elders and then hit the streets for some group contacting!  We did English chalk contacting and we wrote a bunch of fun phrases in English all over the ground!  I love talking to Romanians and we got to meet some really cool people!  

This week I will be in Bucharest for 4 days for training for STL.  It will be a great experience being at the leadership meeting with the other Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and District Leaders!  Tomorrow we get to go on a "traveling Pday" and we get to go see Piața Neamț- a beautiful city up in the mountains.  We have permission to email today because we won't have time tomorrow.  

PRESIDENT IVORY HAS LANDED.  I am excited to meet him this week in Bucharest!


Loving the work. loving the people and loving the Lord,
:) Sora Lee

The Palace (ugly side)

Funny Face cookies with my silly companion Sora Bynum!  (These cookies look creepy...)

Baking a cake for one of our elder's birthday!  We did our comp study bu the stove because we didn't want to burn the cake (it was from an American cake mix).  The cake baked completely in 6 minutes.  Romanian ovens be crazy.  

Love her!

Chalk contacting and this crazy guy was a hit!

Our district!  And yup, it's a Russian book of Mormon! #learningsomerussian Книга Мормона.   

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