Monday, April 7, 2014

Balls of Paint and Green Bean Torture

-------------------Disclaimer the next few post might be a bit out of order! Sorry Sora Lee!--------------------
(Sent March 10th, 2014)
Wow okay this week.  Everything in Romania is just crazy. 

First off:



Someone go hug him for me!


We have gone paintballing TWICE.  I'm addicted.  We had the chance to go on our Preparation Day or Pday, every Monday. The second time was for an activity with our investigators.  Most of them are really young.  Like ages 15-25 so they loved that activity.  I only have 1 welt but several bruises haha.  It is also SUPER cheap here.  It's about $20 and you get 200 rounds of ammo.  After that, it's about $5 for an additional 100 balls. The elders here go CRAZY.  It's terrifying playing with them.  

So we teach English classes here and they are amazing.  In addition to English classes twice a week, we do 30/30 lessons- 30 minutes of an activity and a 30 minute spiritual lesson.  Sora Smith teaches voice and piano lessons and she asked me what I want to teach.  I will be teaching these little girls how to dance and this other little girl I will give art lessons too!  It's fun being able to use my talents and share the gospel at the same time!

So we got this CRAZY referral from the office elders in Bucharest.  There is this woman who lives La Ţara (in the country side) from Timişoara and her husband is in Spain for business and the missionaries there found him and have been teaching him.  The man told the missionaries, "You need to teach my wife this.  She is back home in Romania"  SO WE GET TO TEACH THIS LADY!!!!!!!  Referrals are REAL peple!  Gah!  So pumped.  

But there is some bad news.  

The country side village where she lives is 3 hours away from Timişoara and so we had to get authorization from our mission president because it is to far from our boundaries.  But this ittle town is the CLOSEST to Timi so technically, we are the only missionaries who can go teach her. So we call President Hill and he says, "You have ONE lesson" CRUDDERS.  

We meet with her this week.  I hope it all goes great.  

Fingers crossed!

We also went to visit a less active member, Mama Romina, in La Ţara and we taught her about the importance of prayer and about God is her loving Heavenly Father.  She felt like she was being judged at church by some of the members so she asked us to keep her in our prayers and fast for her the following day, that she may have the faith to come back to church.  

So mid lesson, she asks us if you want any food.  I said "No thank you" but she only heard the "Thank you" and told me to go into the kitchen.  So we sit down and she pours me some water and gives me some bread and I'm like, "YES!  This isn't gross food!"  Then, she walks over with this big pot.  Guess what was inside.

My worst nightmare.

Something I dread more than the DMV or milk that is NOT non-fat.  

Green beans.  Oh my gosh I just about died.  

So I hate green beans with a firey passion.  But, I had to be polite so I spooned about 5 green beans on my plate.  The woman saw this and said, "Take more" and she spooned me some more green beans.  

It didn't stop with one spoonful

Not even two.

I had a PILE of green beens on my plate.  

Then, out of the kindness of her heart, she comes over and drizzles garlic juice all over it.

If anyone knows me and my family we try to AVOID garlic at all costs because it will stay in our bodies for DAYS and we will just reak.  

So, I was horrified.  

But guess who choked down ALL of those green beans?  THIS GIRL!  

It just goes to show that God really is helping us every step of the way guys.  

Ha.  Really though.  

So we finish our lesson after that horrible incident and I felt prompted to talk to her.  All that came out was, "Noi te iubim şi eu ştiu ca Dumnezeu te iubeşte al ceva no conteaza" or in English, "We love you and I know that God loves you and that is all that matters".  

Sora Smith invited her to church and we left.  We started our fast that night and got the elders in on it too.


Amazing.  Another fact:

God IS mindful of our prayers and the desires of our hearts.  

We just need to have faith in him and he will help us.  

Lots of love :)
-Sora Kendall Lee

Some of our elders and the young men from our little branch!

 Some of our investigator girlies!  They are adorable.  They want to be batized but their parents won't let them make that big of a decision until they are 18.  It's too bad because they are so ready.  

Sora Smith and I prepping for our intense match.  Oh.  My heart glasses? $2.  What a steal.  

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