Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Life is Frumoasa!

So my life is beautiful.  

Romania is gorgeous.

The church is true.

I am so happy.

I still speak in Spanish.

Life goes on.  



Nothing really happened.  I mean stuff happened but nothing like, "I am going to make this a LONG email".


Let's get down to business. (To defeat, the Huns!)

Ha.  Mulan reference.


1.)  On an INFORMATIVE note:

-  We had interviews with President and Sister Hill.  They are some of the funniest people in the whole wide world.  

-  I have a cold.  

-  I messed up my knee while running haha.  I'm not one to ask for prayers but if you could possibly sneak me into them...that would be great.

-  We had a birthday party for Sora Hunt (photo attached)!  I also made balloons animals for the occasion.  A pig and a sheep.  Baahhhhh.  

-  Langoş is the most amazing bread/pastry/dessert thing in the world.  I have all of these coins so I will pay with them.  The cute Langoş lady knows I am honest now and doesn't even count my coin amounts anymore haha.  She even knows my order BY HEART.  

-  English classes for adults resume tomorrow.  Kid English is still so amazing haha.  The Romanian children also love playing "Red light, Green light".  I even added in "Red light with dancing"  hahaha and I taught them how to say "Ooooh ohh ch-cka ch-cka" as they dance in place.  Hahahaha.  

-  Easter in Romania is THIS WEEKEND.  I am really ( a lot ) excited for all of the fun traditions!

2.)  On a FUNNY note:

So we were English contacting in a park one day and I see this little, lanky armed, boy looking at us from a distance.  So I walk up to him and I start talking to him about our English class that we have.  And this kid is just staring at me.  Saying nothing.  He kind of had these crazy eyes too haha.  Hahaha so I hand him the English card with all of the info on it and he looks at it like it is the holding the winning Willy Wonka Golden Ticket and he looks up at me with this huge toothy smilehaha.  And then, he takes off running.  

Like a cheetah.  Like a cheetah on roller skates.

Rocket - powered roller skates.

He runs all the way to the main park gate.  Stops for a second to look at us, and then runs down the whole street hahaha.  

I thought he stole something from us, but no.  He was just really pumped about free English classes I guess haha.

3.) On a SPIRITUAL note:

So we have this cute little lady friend of ours and she lives in the block (apartment structure) next to the church.  We pretty much see her every day.  I forget her name because it is Romanian and they all kind of blend together in my mind.  She also speaks English (not well but... it is nice)

I call her "The Green Lady" because she always wears a green scarf and lives in the green block.

So, we are out contacting and I really feel like I need to go talk to this woman sitting on this bench.  She is all alone and I can only see her back but I think, "I NEED to talk to her".  So, we bounce around the corner and it is our Green lady! Her face just lights up and I ask her if I can practice my Romanian with her.  
She pats the bench and I sit down right beside her.  I whip out my photo album and show her photos of my family and I describe each one of them.  Sora Smith starts talking about the family history class that we offer and she gets so excited.  So as we are getting ready to leave, Romanian just starts pouring out of me.  

And I said,

"Eu ştiu ca familia dumneavoastră este fericita în cer"
"I know that your family is happy in Heaven"

Green lady started crying.  She went on to tell us how her husband died, how her mother and father have been dead for years.  She tell us that she is an only child and how she lives alone because her only son is off working in another country.  

Then she said,
"I sit her on this bench every day and think about my family and if they are ok.  Thank you for bringing me peace".


I love this woman and I hope to see more of her.  

I am grateful for the testimony and the knowledge that I have that families CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER in Heaven.  


I love Romania.  Oh my goodness. Love it.  

Love you!
-Sora Lee

 My District!  Elder Middlebrook, Elder Morby, Me, Elder Stinson, Elder Speyer, Sora Smith, Sister Hunt and Elder Hunt (sorry the pixels are so bad I had to shrink the photo down)

EASTERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  Bunnies in this cute little play pen inCentru!

Walking on the tracks to a lesson!

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