Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Aliens and Crap

Hello everyone!  Okay so this week was pretty uneventful.  Hahaha BUT some cool things did happen.

So we had TWO lessons this week.  I know, pretty crazy.  We were going to have 6 but 4 of our lessons cancelled last minute.  Darn it!  The two lessons we had though were pretty amazing.  

Our first lesson was a 30/30 with a young girl named Victoria.  A 30/30 lesson is where we do 30  minutes of an activity and then a 30 minute lesson on the gospel.  Victoria is applying for Cambriage and wants to be an English major.  Her English is FLAWLESS.  I hope that my Romania can become as flawless as her English one day.  The lesson portion also went really well.  She is very interested in learning about the gospel.

So, while tracting, we passed by this group of men and I received many cat calls hahahha it was a weird mix of awkward feelings and happy feelings.  Haha like, "Thank you for the compliment, but you are creepy" Hahaha.  I was even wearing my ugly tracting shoes and they STILL thought I was cute haha.  I call that a successful week.

Kid English went swimmingly well this week because we only had ONE child!  Hahaha Claudiu, the little boy who always comes (who is also Sora Mitin's grandson- the woman I read to every week) is so wild hahaha and he has so much energy.  He is actually pretty smart and super hilarious.  Is it weird to say that I miss my job at Kid's Factory?  This week we start teaching adult English classes.  Crud haha. 

Sora Mitin this week was rushed to the hospital.  She was literally on the verge of death.  She said her goodbyes.  The next day she makes a MIRACULOUS recovery.  This lady has had several miraculous recoveries over a 10 year period.  Her body just does not want to give up the fight.  Go Sora Mitin go!  She told us though, "I just really want to die and live with God".  Haha she is so bluntly honest with us.  So, for her sake, we hope that moment comes soon but it never seems to come. Haha 

Alright so let me explain the title of my email.  There is this family that the missionaries have been teaching here for a few weeks now called the Crap family.  Haha okay get out all of your "she-said-the-word-crap" giggles right now because in Romania Crap is a type of fish. So they were talking with us before our lesson and they asked all of us missionaries where we are from and all the other missionaries said "Washington DC, Utah, Utah" and they didn't know where any of those places were.  Then they got to me and I said "Eu sunt din in California" and they all let out a big "OOOOOOOOOH!" Hahahaha.  

Then, they asked what I thought about Romania and I told them that it is different but a wonderful experience and that I was glad to be here.  And then I said "And I love Sarmale and your bread here is delicious!"  The wife started laughing and she said "Guess what I made for dinner"  SAR-FREAKING-MALE and HOT BREAD.  I just about died.  Tender mercy of the Lord for sure.  

Anyways, since I am a Boboaca (a baby duck/new missionary) I had to teach our first lesson.  So, I had to teach them about the restoration.  I've been in Romania for 9 days and I had to teach a lesson.  The Lord was definitely guiding me through the whole thing.  

It went really well and I was speaking Romania like a seasoned profesional (ha).  But really, it was going really well but, as Romanians always do, they like to go off on tangents.  So I'm getting ready to start the first vision and then one of the sons asks, "Does your church believe in aliens?" HAHAHAHAHHAHA and then they asked if we believe in ghosts and asked us what Christmas in America is like hahhaha.  Oh my gosh I was thinking, "What is going on right now" hahaha.  

It ended really well once the tangent came to an end.  

So yeup that was my week!  I love you all so much!!!!
-Sora Lee
PS Apartment photos will go out next week!

Photo 1: The elders made us HOT WINGS
Photo 2: Sora Smith and I make pancakes on Sundays and I thought this one kind of looked like a fetus....hahahaha
Photo 3: Tracting around in these babies.  Plus, look how beautiful the road is!

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