Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No More Wisdom (Teeth)

So this week in the MTC I had the pleasure of having not one, not two, but ALL FOUR of my wisdom teeth removed.  Would you like a back story?  I figured you would.

So it all started two weeks ago.  My mouth was just really achy and I figured it was a cavity. I've never had a cavity so I turned to my companion, Sora Parr and my honorary companions, Sora Barrera and Sora Robertson and basically told them, "Hey, my back teeth really hurt, do you think it's a cavity?" They all started busting up.  They told me that you don't usually feel cavities.  I thought they were losers haha so I still assumed it was a cavity and went to bed.

So next morning I wake up and the OTHER side of my mouth hurts.  Okay, this is weird I thought.  So that night, I tried to put in my retainers and they just wouldn't fit.  Weird again, because I wear them every single night.  So I figured something was up and I made an appointment with the MTC orthodontist to get everything checked out.  

So I'm at the orthodontist and it's this cute little office all decorated like Balboa Beach, California.  They are playing "worldy" music and Sora Parr and I took it as a tender mercy of the Lord.  We accidentally started singing along to Ke$ha, which made the dental assistant staff start busting up.  We immediately stopped singing when we realized we were having a mini jam session.

Okay back on topic, so he looked in my mouth, tries to stick in my retainer, and says, "Hey, lets take an x-ray to check those wisdom teeth". Um okay sure.  The x-ray was brutal.  Two of my wisdom teeth were beginning to breach through the gums and the other two were close behind.  

"YIKES! Sister Lee you are going to need all four of these out stat"
And that my friends is the story of how I had my wisdom teeth removed in the MTC.

I am doing GREAT and feeling FINE.  I've been told I'm not that swollen, another tender mercy of the Lord for sure.  I had my teeth out on Thursday and I tried to go to class on Friday.  I was about 20% mentally there in class haha and my teachers admired my dedication but told me that I needed to go home and rest haha.  

So pre-wisdom teeth extraction, I got to be a host and escort new missionaries into the MTC!  It was a great experience.  It reminded me so much of the day I was dropped off, one month ago at the MTC.  All of the moms were bawling.  Mom did you cry as you drove away?

Otherwise, it was a pretty mundane week.  LOTS OF LOVE!
-Sora Lee


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