Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Popcorn & Travel Plans

So in ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, I will finally be in Romania!


I'm just kind of (really) excited.


We received our travel plans in our mailbox on Friday!  Here is my itinerary (if you care to know) haha

Monday January 17th 
4:30am: depart MTC for Salt Lake airport
8:35am:  Delta Airlines flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota
12:20pm:  Arrive in Minneapolis
3:15pm:  Delta Airlines flight to Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tuesday, January 18th
6:35am: Arrive in Amsterdam, Netherlands
9:20am: Fly to ROMANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:05pm: Arrive in Bucharest, ROMANIA!

So yeah I'm on a plane for a full day haha

So last Monday, I got to go off campus and get my new retainers fitted.  It's always nice to have a change of view ya know?  So the man who drives the shuttle is kind of our best friend, Brent is the best, he has driven Sora Parr and I to all of our appointments.  He was the lucky shuttle driver who got to see me while I was all drugged up post wisdom teeth surgery.  

Anyways, when I was all drugged up, he told me he would take me to get a Frosty from Wendy's, which I really wanted, but never happened, because he had to go drive another companionship to an appointment.  

So he takes me to the orthodontist to fit my braces, and the orthodontist gives us all slushies- mine was blue raspberry just FYI.  So after the appointment we get in the car and Brent says, "Let's go to Wendy's" Hahahahahahah!  So we all went to Wendy's and it was quite an adventure.  

On Wednesday we got to be hosts again and escort new missionaries into the MTC!  I absolutely loved doing that!  I get to host new missionaries again this week and I am so excited.  So to the people who don't know what a host is: A missionary host is the elder or sister missionary who is waiting at the curb, when the missionaries' families pull up to the curb to drop them off I take your bags, reassures your family, drop their bags in their room and then take them straight to class haha.

We taught Oleea and Andrei again, both have committed to baptism and they will be baptized on Saturday.  Although they are acting, it still brings me so much excitement knowing that I can teach in a completely new language and that the Holy Ghost is real and that it is here to comfort and guide us.  In one week I will be out of Utah, no more practice, and I will get to be in somewhere in Romania, teaching others about the gospel of Jesus Christ and explaining to them that the gospel is the reason I am so happy.  I just cannot even wait.  

So my district of Romanian suror (sisters) is so tight.  It is going to be so hard saying goodbye to them in Bucharest.  I will eagerly be awaiting for transfers and hopefully soon, I will have the chance to be companions with one of them.  Currently, there are 16 sisters in Romania and none of them are leaving any time soon so that is super exciting!

Every night, all of the suror gather in my room and we have a popcorn party where we lay our a huge bed sheet, pop bags of popcorn, play uno and talk about our day.  It really is such an amazingly fun time with my suror!  We have a "Costco" display on the spare bunk bed, it's pilled high with treats we receive from our care packages.  98% of our pantry is here because of Sora Parr haha.  So we always joke around and say, "Hey, can you grab me something from the pantry?" ahhahaha.  

This is my last week in America!  So if you have any letters you want to send, send them my way!


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