Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Greetings From the MTC


Okay so seriously the MTC is HARD but it's amazing.  Holy cow so much has happened in the past five days so I have no idea where to begin!

First off, my district, so all the missionaries going to Romania/Moldova (9 of us), ARE ALL SORAS!  There are NO ELDERS!  It is AMAZING!  We are all such amazing friends.  We all get along SO WELL it is such a blessing.  So my companion Sora Parr is basically my long lost sister.  We see eye to eye on everything and we are practically the same person.  Holy cow I am just so grateful, seriously so grateful she is my companion.  

So "drinking through a fire hose" is what they call your time in the Missionary Training Center.  You are pounded with information left and right and it's all coming at you hard and fast.  So I'm in class all day.  The second day in I kind of had a mental breakdown haha, it's a long story and I'll write more about it later.  No joke, (7:30am-9:30pm, with 3 breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner at 40 minutes long) and I have never had so many headaches before in my life haha.  My teachers ALWAYS and ONLY speak in Romanian haha that was such a shock but I am learning it so fast.  I know how to pray in Romanian and put together basic sentences.  We sing songs in Romanian and it just sounds so beautiful, even if we aren't the most amazing singers.

My district is so fun and my zone is even better (for all my non LDS friends a zone is a larger group of missionaries.  My Romanian District is paired up with other districts.  Are you following? Hahaha) The other 2 districts we are paired with are going to Milan, Italy and Rome, Italy.  These districts are so funny.  We all just love and support each other.

I will write more later today so feel free to email me with your questions and I will respond back!  I'll be sending photos soon!  I have to go eat breakfast and then we get to go to the Provo temple!  It will be such an amazing experience to be there with my district!  I love them and I love ALL of you!

I'm happy, seriously so happy.  "Let your faith always be stronger than your fear".  I know that God places people into your life to help you and strengthen you.  I know that my relationship with you all and my relationship with my district/zone will help me become a strong missionary.  Thank you for your support, it really keeps me going.

La revedere eu te iubesc!
Goodbye and I love you all!
- Sora Lee 

PS YOU NEED TO WRITE ME.  Shout out to ALLI KENCK for being the only person who has sent me a letter!  Out of all the Soras in my district I receive the least amount of mail. Me:1 Them: 2,879.  Help a sister out!  Write me through  Varog! Please!

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