Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Speak Spamanian

Haha.  So this week started out quite lovely.

My lovely companion and sister-from-another-mister Sora Parr rolled her ankle in gym.  So now she is on crutches and I am her beacon of hope when it comes to helping her go up the stairs haha.  We have decided that this was a life lesson: Sora Parr needed to learn how to take help from others and I had to be more charitable haha. She is hobbling along just fine.  We always tell her, "Keep Calm and Crutch On".

So we got a new simpatizant (investigator), who was my teacher Sora Wilson.  Her "role play" name is Oleea and she is so cute.  More on Oleea (Ohlaya) later.  We also received ANOTHER simpatizant, Andreea (Andre) who is my teacher Fratele (Brother) Francin.  We teach them both every day.  It really helps us learn the language. Our teachers role play as people that they taught while on their missions in Romania, so basically they take on a new personality, new life events and new struggles.  Both of our simpatizants are extremely different.  Oleea is much easier to teach haha and Andrea asked us, "Do you go to the Disco-tech here?" Hahahaha we started busting up in our lesson.  Our teacher's acting was so good, he never ever breaks a smile or laughs while in character.   We didn't know how to say, "We aren't allowed to, we aren't here to party, we are here to work" Hahaha so we just said, "No, we are missionaries, no" hahahaha.

Okay so seriously, the spirit here is so strong.  I went in to teach Oleea with my companion and we were preparing her to be baptized.  She has been going to church for 3 years and reads the scriptures daily as well as regular prayers.  But for whatever reason, she has not been baptized.  So during this lesson, we decided it would be best to get to know her, not prepare a structured lesson and just talk.  So we are talking and i just get this spiritual promting to ask her about her mom.  So I said, "How is your mom doing?".  Oleea started crying and told me her mom was sick and she is very Orthodox and doesn't support me wanting to become Mormon".

Woah.  Sora Parr looked at me and whispered "Wow"
Yeah.  WOW.

So I just kept talking to her.  I was totally prompted by the spirit.  I really was just putting sentences together, thinking about how to say it in English, and then translating it into Romanian.  It was insane.  I understood EVERY word Oleea was speaking and I kept telling her, "Ele dicisie a fii botezat este dificil mult dar, dicisie a fii botezat este foarte importanta.  Oleea noi facem te ajutam".  Translation: the decision to be baptized is very difficult, but the decision to be baptized is very important.  Oleea we can help you do this".  

Then we asked her to be baptized.  We set the date in one month from now.  I said the closing prayer and as we are getting ready to leave, Oleea comes up to me and gives me the biggest hug, tears in her eyes and says, "Multumesc mult", "thank you so much".  

And then I lost it hahaha.

I cry more in the MTC than ever before.  The spirit here is so amazing.  Like, honestly, it's the reason why I am having so much success.  So Andreea when we taught him, he told us that he just feels so alone.  He said his family left him and his girlfriend is just everything he has.  He is in high school and he is just struggling.  So we were talking to him and we told him that no matter what, God is always there for you.  He said that he doesn't believe in God and he asked how we know there is a God.  So I start bearing my testimony, telling him that I know God exists because I have told him things I have never told anyone about.  I thought I was doing great, then my companion started laughing and I looked at Andreea and he just looked so confused.  

Sora Parr leaned over and whispered, "You just said everything in Spanish" ahahhahahahahah.  I could not believe that haha.  So I speak Spamanian quite fluently hahaha.  

So we had TRC (Teaching Resource Center), where we go and teach random people who speak Romanian (usually they are BYU students who served missions there) and we just go in and teach them a lesson according to the promptings we receive by the spirit.  No notes, just scriptures.  I was freaking out.

But it went great.
So so so great.

So I before I left on my mission, I was blog stalking this one sister missionary.  I seriously blabbled like crazy about Chrissy (Kristina) Hall, she just got home from serving a mission in Romania!  We met up in LA and had lunch.  Well guess what?  She was one of the investigators!  I didn't teach her but the other Surors did!  She saw me come out of the classroom and just hugged me like crazy!  It was so nice to see her!

Tomorrow Sora Parr and I get to leave the MTC to go to the orthodontist, I think my wisdom teeth decided to come in!  Hahaha so tomorrow I get xrays to check their growth status haha wish me well!

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