Monday, July 6, 2015

Worms = Baptisms

Wow. So this week was nuts.  NUTS.  Ah.  But so incredibly great.   

So Sora Barrera and I met with Cristina, one of our friends to go pick osme cherries with her at her mansion house.  We climbed up in her trees and filled bags with delicious cherries.  It was incredible.  We sat in the the trees just pulling the cherries off the branches and eating them.  It was incredible.  We then went to her townhouse countryside home and did some service there, watering all the plants.   It was a great day.   On our way home, Sora Barrera got feeling very ill.  We had a lesson at the church and she just could not contribute. She is a pretty tough cookie and she leaned over and said, "I honestly feel like I am going to die".   So I'm like, "Crud, what to do..." Ah.  We felt like we needed to read with Natalia form the Book of Mormon but we hadn't decided on a specific section to read with her.  I said a tiny prayer in my heart, asking for guidance towards a chapter.   

I felt strongly prompted to share the chapter on Lehi and his "Tree of Life" dream.   *** If anyone wants to read that I have the link here :

So I'm solo teaching essentially and I am breaking down each verse with Natalia.  Poor Sora Barrera is as white as a ghost.  And we get to the part about the fruit, more or less this verse:  

"And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit."

Now the fruit represents God's love.  And something like just clicks in Natalia's head.  Like, i could see her countenance change.  She was like.  "I have tasted this fruit, and I want to share it with others"....and she goes on to say, "And the rod of iron represents the gospel-like what you are teaching me".  And she just like lit up!   So we invited her to be baptized and......she said "Um, i'm not sure- I don't think my family would want me to change".    And I just told her, "You know the next step".    So we ended with prayer and Sora Barrera and I headed home.   

So Sora Barrera is like puking up a storm in between her little nap sessions.  It is like 10:30 at night and I got like 10 phone calls form Ecaterina, a recently baptized member, who is best friends with Natalia.  So I call her back and she like yells into the phone, 'Natalia wants to be baptized" and I'm like, "WHAT?!"  Hahaha and at first I didn't believe her and then Natalia gets on the phone and she's like, "hey so I was thinking about what you said and oh, i loved that scripture and yeah, I like this 'fruit' and I want to be baptized ON SATURDAY".    

So I relay this info on to Sora Barrera who is barfing down the hall.  And through her sessions she's like, "Wait what?!"  Hahaha

We still had like half the lessons to teach her and only 5 days. So I tell her she would have to meet with us every day in order to be baptized on Saturday, the 4th of July (which is hard because she lives very far away and is always working) and she says, "I want to be baptized on the holiday, i will meet with you every day so you can prepare me for my baptism".

So I told her OK lets do this!

I also told Sora Barrera that she needs to barf more often because her barfing brings miracles.  

***As I bit into a cherry I found out that that their were little worms inside them.....and that is what made Sora Barrera sick!  But hey, God works in mysterious ways.....worms = baptisms?

So this week we prepared her and ran around saying goodbye to everyone and their mothers because it was Sora Barrera's LAST WEEK because she goes back to America this week.  SO SAD I will miss her.  

We also had a 4th of July Party that was more stressful than enjoyable and I have no cute pics to send home because we just looked hammered and gross so sorry everyone.  Natalia was baptized right after the party.  She was worried because the water was "too cold" (idk not jacuzzi level warm) was like 100+ degrees outside....Anyways...the font is full and she is in the water and is like, "it's cold" and we are so tired and stressed and hopeless..... and then the elders come rushing in carrying boiling, and I mean BOILING HOT pots filled with water and just dumped them into the font before she was baptized hahah.  It was very memorable!  

Natalia is a great member already and has been assigned to be a Young Women teacher for my cute Russian little girl Polina!  I am so happy.  We are going to be Natalia's Young Women counselors.  I am so excited for that.  

------ So I am in a triple companionship here in Chisinau now.  4 weeks left and I am serving with Sora Black from California (I served in the same Bucharest district as her and I love her) and Sora Seare who I think is from Utah...I don't know much about her!  But it will be great!!!!!

Loving the work, Loving the people and Loving the Lord,
:) Sora Lee

Photo 1: Some photos of Natalia (in the blue dress)- she is actually SUPER HAPPY here!  Moldovans just don't smile with their teeth.

Photo 2: Ecaterina is her recently baptized friend and is very artsy.

Photo 3: Bye Sora Barrera!
Congratulations Natalia!!!!!!

Thumbs up from Natalia and Ecaterina!!!

Party time!

Eating the BEST watermelon

The best family of all time

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