Monday, July 20, 2015

The TriPod Rolls On

Wow, I just have LOVED my mission and it's weird to think in 2 weeks all of this will be over.   Romania and Moldova have become a part of my life, a part of my identity and even though I will be going home, there is always going to be a part of my heart in these countries. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mission!!!!!!!!! 

So we have been doing a lot more contacting this transfer than I have ever done in my whole mission (errr, since I served in Timisoara a whopping 18 months ago).  We are trying to find more people to teach and be more equally balanced in every aspect of our missionary work.  We have found a couple less active members and are working with them, while strengthening the active members and teaching new friends! 

Doamna Vicky is my favorite person ever.   We have been meeting with her pretty frequently recently and she is an incredible woman.  This week, we are going to ask her to be baptized and we are so excited!  She is this incredibly loving mother and she wants what is best for her children.  She has searched all over for a lasting happiness, but she told us she feels like this is the right path for her.  She truly has a light in her eyes and she is so motivated by her desire for a better world, a better life, and we know the gospel can give her that. 

So I have the calling as a young women's teacher in the Russian branch and I LOVE IT!   We get to work with Polina every single week and she is one of my favorite Russian members.  I've begun Personal Progress in Romanian and we are working on it together.  That one hour of church is probably the happiest I am all week!  

I am just so happy.  Just, ah, I have just like, this very hard to describe inner peace, this inner happiness... and I love it.  I want to feel like this my whole life!  

My companions are great, the tri-panionship "tripod", works hard rolls along, and gets along!  I couldn't ask for anything better!  

Loving the work, Loving the people and Loving the Lord,
:) Sora Lee

The tri-panionship

Am average bus stop station in Moldova

Sharing a kiss with my family!!!!

Excited to see my brother in 3 weeks in HUNGARY!!!!  We got permission to see each other!!!! YAYAYAYAYA

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