Monday, May 4, 2015

Prepared People Falling Into Our Hands

We just got back from a super fun Pday trip to Orhei Vechi (Or-hay-Veh-k).  AH.  So beautiful and my pictures don't even due it justice at all!  Okay so to the email section......

Wow.  I really am just so exhausted haha I don't know what to write about.  Literally so much happens in our days and I cannot even put it all into words.  It is mostly just a full on way of life that is so impossible for me to even begin to describe. 

The worm problem is near resolved.  And just so save my hide....I DID NOT drink from any wells!  You can get worms from bacteria growing on silverware...cups........yep......

So we have this investigator Zina and her 2 daughters and she was in our English class.  Welp, she has honestly fallen straight from Heaven because when we teach her, she's like, "I already know that all of this is true because God lead me to the truth".   She has a baptism date set on May 23rd.  It is wild.  We literally did nothing and we just have the wonderful opportunity to teach this uber incredible woman.  She is so prepared in so many other ways...I cannot even begin to describe...just she has waited for this moment her whole life.  Ah!

We also have 2 other investigators preparing for baptism........they are gifts from God.  Like, absolutely prepared by him and just dropped into our laps.  

Sora Barrera and I presented at Zone Conference and we were for some reason super emotional because it will probably be our last one before we go home!   It was so sad.  We had a little crying session in the back row haha.  

Sora Ivory also answered one of the biggest questions I've had for a long time....why did it take so long for my call assignment to be made?  It just sat in Salt Lake City for 2 months without receiving an assignment.  I always wondered what took so long.  She told us she had talked to a member of the 12 and he told her that when they cannot decide where a certain missionary should go, they put their application in a pile.  "The missionaries in the pile can be sent to any mission, so the members of the 12 must spend a little extra time on deciding where these missionaries need to go".    I was bawling.    I know that Romania/Moldova Mission was just the place where I needed to be and I am so grateful that I could be HERE! :)

I just am SO GLAD that I chose to serve a mission!
Loving the work, Loving the people and Loving the Lord!
:) Sora Lee
Bagged milk in Moldova!   Side note, it is hard to pour!

Don't yell at the maxi taxi driver!   Haha!

The coolest district on the maxi taxi!

People put coins in the sandstone and make a wish

The cross on the hill top

Check out this view!

Cute Orthodox Church!

We wore headscarves as a sign of respect when in the cave monastery!

The cute bell tower

Awesome trip!

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