Monday, May 25, 2015

"I'm Like A Leaf On God's Tree"

This week we were able to see Zina and her daughter, Rafaela follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized.  We were SO HAPPY for the decision that they had made.   They were so very prepared and so willing to make any sacrifice possible to be baptized.   They just radiated pure joy and they had the most genuine smiles on their faces as they came out of the water.  After they were baptized, they were asked to share how they felt.   Rafaela happily told us , "I feel like I am a leaf on God's tree and that I just want to make him happy".  I died.   She is nine and her sister Daiana who is 7, will be baptized in December when she turns 8.  We love this family and I can say that they have changed my whole mission.

This week basically revolved around them, making sure that they were ready to go for their baptisms.  We got to see Daiana's first grade finishing program and it was the cutest thing I had seen- it reminded me why I wanted to go into teaching.  She represented the letter "Ă" and each student represented one of the alphabet letters.  As they came forward, they each had memorized a poem, with every word beginning with their letter!  SOOOOO ADORABLE!   We love them so much.   

Transfer Boards came out an I will be serving another transfer with Sora Barrera here in Chișinău which means I get to "kill her"- meaning I am her last companion before she goes home!!!!!!!!!  It will be weird because we are in the same MTC group but since I'm extending, I really won't be going home with her!  But it is going to be awesome and we are SO EXCITED!  

I am just so truly happy here. It's weird to think that I am starting my LAST FULL TRANSFER- yup #12 and I wonder where all of the time has gone- truly it's like it is all a dream.  I have no regrets and I just want to make these last 10 weeks incredible.   

LOVING the work, LOVING the people and LOVING the Lord,
:) Sora Lee

President Covali, who baptized Rafaela, and Elder Soelberg who baptized Zina with some branch members!

We love HUGS!   Ca un urs mare!!!!!!!!!!

Zina and her girls, Daiana and Rafaela

At Daiana's recital!

Such a cute program!

Her and her little letter!

Just drying my panties

The view from our study room

The Gara (train station) is pretty

Bye Sora Elliot!  And yes, we are the only four sisters in this country!

Most of us Moldova missionaries at the gara

Goodbye elders!!!!!!!  Enjoy America!!!!!!

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