Monday, April 20, 2015

Flyin' Solo, Plane Contacting?

Wow haha Chisinau is the coolest city ever and I have the opportunity to serve with Sora Barrera, the coolest missionary ever.  Wow, it is crazy to look back and think that I have served all the way in the west and now I'm as far east as I can be in my mission!  I really have been all over!!!!

This week was just crazy haha we had a lot of weird, random moments together already haha.  Just things I cannot put into words over an email haha.  But man, everything here is just an adventure and everything puts a smile on my face haha!  I AM SO HAPPY HERE!  :)

Cool fact: I got to fly to Chisinau ALONE hahaha it was awesome!  But really weird because I have had someone directly by my side for almost a year and a half now ahah.  So I flew alone and it was soooo weird and it kinda freaked me out because I felt like I was flying home?  Hahah soooo wierd!!!!   I talked to just the nicest people and made a couple of solid friends.  I even met two men from Los Angeles!  They are on a backpacking tour of Europe and thought they should start in Republic of Moldova out of all places!  Haha they were like, "So why are you here?"  And I was like, "Oh I'm a Mormon missionary!"  Ahaha and they were just so nice and they were like, "How do you learn these languages?!  All of you young kids"  And I was like, "Lots of studying but also His help" haha and they laughed.  But you know, it's true!!!!

So I get off the plane and hug all of the sister missionaries and senior couples there, it was like my own little welcome party.  Ah it was so cute!!!!!!!  As we are leaving the airport they were like, "See you at the baptism on Friday"  and I was like, "WHAT".  So Sora Barrera's and Sora Koth's investigator got baptized and I kind of just walked into an awesome situation.  I'm excited to teach her the recent convert lessons.  Ecaterina is the SWEETEST woman ever.  She is a painter and has 10 puppies!!!!!!!!  So she's kind of my favorite person ever.    

Wow I just love it here.  
I JUST LOVE MY MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This church is true.  The gospel makes you happy.  TRULY happy. 

Loving the work, Loving the people and Loving the Lord,
:)Sora Lee

Getting picked up at the airport!!!!

Congratulations Ecaterina!!!!!!


This meal is about 9 USA dollars

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