Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sister Training Leader Round 2 !

Well Transfer Boards came out and I found out that I get to be a sister training leader again, but this time in Galaţi and I a super excited!  6 months ago I went on an exchange with sisters there when I was an STL in Iaşi so it will be kind of cool to hit those streets again!  

This also means that me and Sora Trebas are going to be separated and it makes me want to cry.  It's always hard to say goodbye to a companion that you love.  I know that we will be friends after this mission- we even made a list of things we have to do when she gets home!

So this week was a great one.


We had the opportunity to visit our special friends this week and it was incredible.  They are the absolutely sweetest spirits in the whole world.  My mom had sent me several "Choose The Right (CTR)" rings in my Christmas package and so Sora Trebas and I prepared a little lesson to share with them.  I shared the lesson about why we should make good choices and Sora Trebas played and sang the hymn "choose the right" for them on the guitar! In Romanian, they say "Alege ce e drept" and at the end of the lesson all of the kids put on their rings and yelled, "Alege ce e drept!"  It was a moment that will stay in my heart forever.  

We also invited them to church on Sunday and they came!!!!! It was such a wonderful experience and I was just so happy.  Ah, I LOVE SPECIAL FRIENDS!


This week we met up with all of our friends around the city and said goodbye to them.  It's amazing how many people we have met who we helped learn about the church.  I have really learned that the way we choose to behave says a lot about who we are.  How we look, how we really does a lot of talking for us!  

We have no time, I gotta go!

LOVING the People, LOVING the work and LOVING the Lord!
:) Sora Lee

Sora Vasile

I Love HER!

Special Friends!

Ward members!

Goodbye Buc!

                          Marian! He has the coolest mustache! (Our favorite guard and future stake president)

Gabriel- so chill.  Our goal every day is to make him smile

Emil!  He will be a member one day!

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