Monday, January 12, 2015


I don't have a lot of time to email today but I just wanted to tell you all just how much God loves you.  

This Christmas, I got to spend in another country, away from my family and away from all of the bows and ribbons that seem to make up Christmas in America.  And, this Christmas has been my favorite one, because this Christmas, I focused on Christ.  

Every day we defend our beliefs, and strive to represent Jesus Christ and I'm starting to get a glimpse of what the Savior's life must have been like.  

This Christmas we focused on serving and helping others and in return, we found others serving and helping us.  

On Christmas morning, as we headed home to our apartment, after having talked to everyone on the metro (no one seemed thrilled to talk to us or even smile to our "Merry Christmas" wishes) and we felt down.  Just like :

"Seriously?  No one wants to talk about Christ...and today is Christmas!"

Then Sora Trebas and I walk up to our bloc and we just start talking about how we wish we had a "Little Princess" moment (EVERYONE WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW) and how when we came into our apartment it would just be filled with food and warm and goodness.  

We get out of the elevator and our neighbors come out.

"Where were you girls?  We have been beating on your door all morning, we made you a Christmas meal".  And out comes Mrs. Neighbor with a huge silver tray, piled high with Romanian delicacies.  She even threw in a little candle.  

Treebs and I started crying- someone thinking about us?  On Christmas?  We were bawling, we had our "Little Princess" moment and Mrs. Neighbor, kept saying, "Why are you crying girls?  Be happy, it's Christmas".  We just thanked them over and over again.

I know that Heavenly Father blesses his children and he often helps us through other people.  

The phrase, "Never be weary in well doing" is seriously so true. 

I loved this Christmas, I love being a missionary

I love Romania, I love Sora Trebas 

And as always,
I'm Loving the work, Loving the People, and Loving the Lord
:) Sora Lee

PS We had so much fun this week too- sorry for the picture spam over load!  
PSS Here is my blog link to those of you who wanted it

                                                                       Buch is pretty

                                                             Hard ROCK district dinner!

                                                           Christmas Eve was SUNNY!


                                                     Caroling in the park on Christmas Eve!                                       

                                                   California Christmas- no jacket needed

                                                      Man suntanning from window!  OK!

                                                                         DOGS WOOF!

                                                                     My big spoon!

                                                                       Outside the targ

                                                                             I'm happy

                                                                       Naked friends

                                                                Smiley spoon loves KFC

                                                               Me and da xmas bucket

                                                                      The xmas sun!

                                                                 Some sweet factory pics

                                                   Layin in da street cause no one was outside

                                                          Chillin with our silly glasses

                                                                        The miracle food

REMEMBER WHEN I was being trained in Timi and I walked around on Christmas and told everyone "Christmas Fish?" instead of "Happy Easter"? Well, look what got passed around at our white elephant gift exchange-A CHRISTMAS FISH!


                                                  We also built a fort and did our studies in it!

                                              Cover your plants with bottle or they'll freeze!

                                                                    A cool monument

        Meat on the line.  Ahhh yeah.  You know it's cold when it's colder outside than in your refrigerator!

                                                                          Pretty parks

                                                                           My friends

                                                            Modeling with my home girl

Being unicorns


                                                          Pretty snow covered stuff!

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