Friday, December 19, 2014

Taxi Drivers and Testimonies

This week was a really good week.  We had a lot of really good conversations with people and we showed some awesome Romanians that we are actually normal people haha.  So-yay!

This week I had this impression that I needed to contact every taxi driver that we received a ride from.  I always will strike up a conversation with the taxi guys because I feel like it is awkward if I don't talk to them but still, I had this impression, "Bear your testimony"!  Well, anyways, I get talking to this one man and he was just so sad about something, you could see it all over his face. Come to find out that he had just lost his job and that now, he drives a taxi.  He doesn't have enough money to buy his own taxi, so he must rent his taxi every day.  He has to give 150 lei back every day to his company in order to pay for his taxi rental.  Whatever else he makes, he can keep, which isn't a lot.  He also opened up about how difficult his divorce was and how he can never see his teenage son.  He teared up and seemed to shut himself off.  We sat in the car for a few moments in silence and I was unsure what I could say to him.  He had already made it clear he wasn't interested in our message, or even us for that matter.  But then, I just opened my mouth and bore my testimony to him. 

"Constantin, I just want you to know that God does love you and he knows your problems.  This life is a time for us to experience difficulties.  Without difficult times, we couldn't  learn from our mistakes, we wouldn't be able to become better people or be able to be closer to Jesus Christ.  Our trials make us need help.  Trials make us need Jesus Christ".

I just sat there like, "Welp, it all came out".

And he smiled and said, "Thank you.  I know God does loves me.  I've always known that but sometimes, I just seem to forget it".  COOL!  

We hopped in another man's taxi and he was just so nice!  We get in and he was like, "So you girls are Mormons" and we were like, "YEP!"  Haha.  He was like, "I really have a lot of respect for what you do, it isn't easy trying to convert people here.  I mean the Orthodox church has been around for thousands of years and yours has only been around like 200 or something"

Man oh man did he set up the Restoration lesson or what.  

So I'm just like, "Well, this church was restored through a prophet 200 years ago, but this was the same church established by Christ thousands of years ago!"  That really seemed to spark his interest.  I got to bear a pretty solid testimony on the priesthood power and true authority.  He really thought all of it was interesting.  And he said he really enjoyed our conversation with him!  Woop!

On Wednesday we met up with Luana and Luca again and prepared a lesson for them.  We are trying to get them to read the scriptures, helping them learn from them and and enjoy them! Before we began, I had this prompting to askLuana if her husband would want to sit in.  She said "Probably not but ask him" .  Well, little Luca yells, "Dad, come in here we are having a lesson!"  And the father actually came in and was an active participant in the lesson!  His face lit up as we asked him questions and as he read from the scriptures.  We have a lot of hope for this family.

On Saturday we also had a huge Christmas Concert.  It was incredible!  We had a ton of people show up and it made me so happy!  My favorite ward members showed up, the Verdeata's, whom I hadn't seen in a long time because SoraVerdeata has been incredibly sick.  Well as I am finishing tying a globe into the Christmas garland I hear, "SORA LEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" And I see the Verdeata's little 5 year old granddaughter running towards me!  She runs into me so hard that I almost fall over! It was a moment that I will never ever forget!  

 I was sick yesterday and I am still feeling a little "bleh" today so I am going to sign off this email for right now.  

Loving the work, Loving the people and Loving the Lord!
:) Sora Lee 

My camera is currently under possession of another missionary so I have no photos to send home this week except one that Sora Trebas sent me. 

Photo 1:  Treebie and I! Our Christmas card comes out next week!  Whoop!

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